Note: The shopping section covers Bogor only since Jakarta tends to be well served by online information networks. However, we do plan to include info on the Jakarta shops we love and want to share in the future, either here or through our blog.

Since 2011, the number of supermarkets has grown and so has the selection of fresh foods and imported items. There is only one location in Bogor that sells high-quality bread but overall, Bogor expats find they don’t need to go into Jakarta as often as before.

The supply of organic food continues to grow. Most supermarkets will stock some range of organic foods. Note that certification of organic foods is not heavily regulated in Indonesia, so most expats buy in good faith, believing that reducing pesticide exposure at any level is better than not at all.


Edelweiss Swiss Gourmet Bakery and Meat Shop
Plaza Amsterdam, Block C, No. 02, Sentul, Bogor
Tel 021-8796-0657 | Open Mon to Sat 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Go here for high-end Swiss quality croissants, pastries and meat products. Everything comes frozen so baked goods come out of your oven as if freshly baked. Great meat selection – from pork, beef, cold cuts, corned beef, sausages to seafood. You can also buy prepared foods such as cordon bleu, fish sticks, nuggets, soups and hard to find Swiss/German items like spaetzle. Some items need advance notice so call beforehand. Available for catering for barbecue-style events.

Jl. Pandu Raya 27 Ruko No. 1 (close to Taman Kencana and VIP)

A small store that sells a full range of chicken products, including ayam kampung (free-range chicken), premium chicken (raised without antibiotics) and organic eggs. Expect to pay a little bit more than at regular supermarkets, but still reasonably priced.


All Fresh
Jl. Pajajarang, close to Taman Kencana and on the way to Botany Square Mall

This shop sells only perishable food items and is a popular and convenient stop for expats. It carries a decent array of local and imported fruit and vegetables, pastas and sauces, organic rice and eggs, chocolates, biscuits, juice, snacks, and frozen seafood and veg.

Pros: Nice, attentive staff. Great fruit selection – best place to buy strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, mostly locally grown. Parking is big and conveniently located right outside the store. There are some organic vegetables.

Cons: Double check packaging on refrigerated goods before buying. They can look a little worn out at times, suggesting possible transport or refrigeration hiccups.

Botany Square Mall, with a smaller branch on Jl. Pajajarang, next to Vila Duta

This standard supermarket carries everything you’d expect: fresh and packaged food and drinks, kitchen items, appliances, toys, sporting goods, cheap furniture, DVDs, hardware and gardening tools. Home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines are priced competitively here, with generally good sales and delivery service (same or next day delivery).

Pros: Impressive array of imported foods, oils, tea, biscuits, juices, canned and baking goods, including a shelf that stocks Korean items. Dairy and frozen foods section the most extensive in Bogor, though limited by Jakarta standards. Good for button mushrooms, zucchini, Greek yoghurt and Australian beef. Can find cheap toys, DVDs, appliances and bicycles here.

Cons: Some of the “fresh” produce can look a little tired and the organic food selection is limited. Check other outlets like Total or AllFresh.

Total Buah Segar
Two branches: one on Jl. Pajajarang and Jl. Baru (on the way to CIFOR)

A favorite stop for expats that carries the most extensive organic vegetable, rice and beans selection in Bogor. Also has a decent number of imported food items like pasta sauces, oils, canned goods, cookies and snacks. The fruit selection is diverse and consistently good while the dairy and frozen food item selection is fair. Total sells only perishable food items and no kitchen or cleaning products.

Pros: Staff are knowledgeable and attentive. The quality of fresh food is very good. It consistently carries harder-to-find organic produce such as broccoli, cauliflower, (local) celery, okra, red beets and even tempeh. Parking is easy and the shop itself is very pleasant (the background music is always good!).

Cons: Dairy products limited.

Yogya Junction
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, close to the main entrance of the Royal Palace

A department store with a well-stocked supermarket, carrying a small selection of imported food items. The 2nd floor carries children’s, women’s and men’s clothes, while the 3rd floor has a charming well lit food court that sells good, local dishes and a small children’s arcade.

Pros: A pleasant shopping experience, convenient parking. Best place in Bogor to buy fresh local seafood and chicken. The 2nd floor has a good selection of children’s shoes and clothes. Disposable diapers here are the cheapest in town.


Jl Surya Kencana 136 RT 001/02, Gudang, Bogor 16123 | Tel. (0251) 832-1379

A very local grocery and convenience store that’s good to go to if you are shopping on a budget or sourcing local ingredients. This is also one of the few places in Bogor that carry charcoal for barbecuing. There are two stores located in Jalan Surya Kencana – one is primarily a Chinese herbal store, while the other is the grocery store.

Food Mart
Located in Ekalokasari Plaza on Jl Pajajarang, this supermarket has a good range of fresh foods and is a favorite for families looking for frozen seafood such as salmon and fresh water dory.

Indomart / Circle K / Alfamart
These are Indonesia’s equivalent to 7-Eleven convenience stores that are found everywhere. Chances are you would not shop here except on the off chance you need to buy drinks during a car trip or cigarettes or beer in the middle of the night.


Outlet shopping is your best bet if you’re looking for clothes in Bogor. The shops carry many well-known American and European brands, many of which are true factory over-runs or seconds, but some are also fake items (especially bags and accessories). The biggest concentration of shops is along Bogor’s main road artery, Jl. Pajajarang, where you’ll see one factory outlet after another. The easiest age group to shop for is children 0 to 4 years old, but you can expect a decent selection of casual clothing and (surprisingly) winter gear for any age. With a bit of time and patience, before long you’ll have your favorites and figure out where to get the best deals.

These are some of the most frequented outlets:

Living Room
A consistent favorite amongst expats because they carry bigger sizes for westerners and the shop itself doesn’t feel like a factory outlet. You can find mostly German brands such as S. Oliver, Esprit and Tom Tailor for men and women. The children’s section is small but good if you’re looking for cold weather pieces. It’s worth signing up for their membership program to get 10% discounts on future purchases.
Jl. Achmad Adnawijaya No. 75-77 (Jl. Pandu Raya – Indra Prasta II) Tel. 0251 391222

Lower Pajajarang shops, near Taman Kencana (located right next to each other):
Amira – Good for children’s clothing mostly girls 0-4 years old, lots of tops for women and good men’s selection.
B’Bos –  A big men’s t-shirt section featuring fun prints, a lot of women and children’s clothing.
Bogor Boutique Outlet – All around good selection of clothing for men, women and children.

Upper Pajajarang (after Vila Duta):
Grande – Massive shop with great trendy women’s clothes and a decent men’s collection. Separate area dedicated to children’s clothing with some nice finds.
Rumah Gaya – Carries many items similar to Grande, though not as extensive. Worth visiting if you haven’t yet had your fill of outlet shopping.

Botany Square Mall
Bogor’s main and newest mall carries a decent array of shops but very limited in comparison to the flashier and more posh malls of Jakarta. There is an Adidas sporting goods shop, a surf clothing store, Giordano (Asia’s answer to The Gap), several hairdressers (for more sophisticated cuts, visit Jakarta hairdressers), a department store (Citrus), Starbucks with wi-fi, country-wide Batik chain Batik Keris, an IT store section and an official Apple reseller shop.

Ekalokasari Plaza
This mall has a very local feel with a lot of food kiosks and specialty stores. You’d probably rarely go here unless looking for something specific, like sports gear (Sports Station, ground floor), Batik outfits (there’s a small shop that sells beautiful Batik clothes for women, men and children on the 2nd floor) or children’s clothes (the children’s department in the Matahari department store is big).
Jalan Pajajarang, No.123, Bogor, Tel. 0251-831-8788

Electronics / Appliances

Electronic City
Sells most electronic items you would want – TVs, cell phones, DVD players, sound systems and other standard home appliances like refrigerators, washers, vacuum cleaners, irons and the like. Prices are reasonable, not the cheapest in town, but certainly convenient if you are hoping to purchase these kinds of items quickly and without hassle. Delivery is usually free for big items.
Basement of Botany Square Mall, or in Ekalokasari Plaza on Pajajarang 123

Berlian Tabernakel
If you have the time and patience to get off the beaten track, this is the place to find good deals on most electronics. Price items at Electronic City then head here. If you are a newcomer to Bogor, bring a friend or colleague who speaks Bahasa Indonesia so you can bargain. The shop is located in a busy market area so bring a driver if you can as parking can be a challenge.
Jalan Dewi Sartika, Pasar Anyar, Bogor

ACE Hardware
Ace stocks a range of small home appliances such as irons, food processors, toasters, electric ovens, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. You can also find electric or gas powered tools for indoor and outdoor use.

Jl. Padjajaran No. 19 A (smaller branch, close to Taman Kencana), Jl. Padjajaran No 121 (bigger, newer branch, after Vila Duta) | Open everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Botany Square Mall
On the 2nd floor is a small IT section where you can find PC dealers. There is also an Apple Mac reseller where you can purchase all mac-related products and accessories. For quicker and more expanded services, however, visit any one of the Apple resellers or customer care centers in Ratu Plaza.

Plaza Jambu Dua
An electronics mall that carries computer hardware and software, and countless cell phone shops. Bargain like it’s going out of style.
Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani (Warung Jambu), at the intersection of Pajajarang, close to the small Ace Hardware.

Home furnishings

You probably wouldn’t furnish your entire home from shops in Bogor but you can find some basic furniture items and everything else in town. For unique wooden furniture, we recommend you shop in Jakarta.

Indonesia’s answer to Ikea, at Informa you can find all kinds of furnishings for your home. Prices are somewhat reasonable and the design and quality of items are generally good. You can also find nice bedding, pillows, curtains and bathroom accessories that are a bit harder to find in Bogor.

Jl. KS Tubun 14-16, Warung Jambu, Bogor  | Tel (0251) 831-4611
Open from 9 a.m.

Katulampa Furniture
Bring a photo of a piece of furniture you’d like made to Katulampa. The quality of craftsmanship and materials is high and the staff are knowledgeable. The choice of upholstery, wood and wood stains is impressive and finishing beautiful. While the overall cost will not be as cheap as you expect, it’s still reasonable by western (and Jakarta) standards. Allow for 4 weeks production time, with free delivery within Bogor.

Jl Raya Katulampa, Tegal Lega, Bogor Timur | Tel (0251) 839-1857
Open everyday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pak Ismail
This family owned atelier has a team of carpenters that can build anything you like, using different types of wood. They also do upholstery, but quality is lower than that of Katulampa. The workmanship is decent and great for items like shelves, basic children’s furniture or wood items that require refinishing or repair.

The owner, Pak Ismail, is friendly and easy to interact with, although you may need to prod him a bit to get orders delivered on time. Avoid ordering teak items from here as they tend to crack after awhile.

Pak Ismail 0813-8371-8876
Open everyday except Friday and Sunday

Home Place
Don’t let the dim lighting deter you, this hardware and homeware shop carries some interesting items and deals. You can find everything from electric drills, hanging hooks, kitchen appliances to branded home appliances and steel rice cookers (if you are looking for alternatives to the non-stick aluminum ones).
Basement of Botany Square Mall, across from Electronic City

Ace Hardware
Ace shops feel like a slice of America. You’ll find things for the home you didn’t know you wanted. Along with hardware products, find small home appliances, gardening tools, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom items, pet accessories, sporting goods, outdoor furniture, toys and playground sets.

The paint section is great, bordered by a wall filled colored pantone sheets. The bigger ACE in upper Pajajarang has a big bicycle section. Count on being in ACE a lot soon after you move to Bogor or Jakarta. It’s hands down everybody’s favorite shop.

Jl. Padjajaran No. 19 A (smaller branch, close to Taman Kencana), Jl. Padjajaran No 121 (bigger, newer branch, after Vila Duta)
Open everyday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Jaya Makmur
Homewares are stuffed to the brim at Jaya Makmur. This is the place to go if you’re setting up home and don’t want to pay high prices. You’ll find pots and pans, food containers, bedsheets, towels, melamine dishes, glasses, woks, towels, water dispensers, dish racks and a whole lot more. They also carry cheaper home appliances.

Jl. Suryakencana No. 51, Babakan Pasar, Bogor  |  Tel. (0251) 832-3272
Jaya Makmur 2 (smaller branch) located on Pajajarang


Mitra 10 (Building Materials and Home Improvement)
For the serious and not so serious hardware shopper. They carry houseware, home appliances, paints, plumbing items and other useful things for setting up home. If you’re fixing or upgrading parts of your home, you can find materials and parts like showerheads, bathtubs, sink fixtures, doorknobs and cabinet doors.

Jl.Kyai Haji Soleh Iskandar (Jalan Baru)  |  Tel (0251) 755-6818

Sinar Abadi Home Centre
If you’re looking for serious hardware for your home, this is the place to go. Aisle upon aisles of doorknobs, sinks, toilets, tiles, roofing materials, linoleum, paints and sealants await the hardcore DIY folks.
Jalan Pahlawan No.175, Bogor, 16131 | Tel (0251) 832-5403, 832-2486

HBC  (Home Builder’s Centre)
Similar to Home Depot in the U.S., this is the place to go if you plan to construct a tree house, a carport or a semi-permanent roof for your verandah. There are 3 locations in Bogor so chances are there’s an HBC close to where you live.
Find store locations in Bogor

Babies & Toddlers

Although not as flashy as the shops in Jakarta, the baby shops in Jakarta are very well stocked with many of the items you could hope to have for your baby or toddler.

My Baby
Located very close to Taman Kencana, this shop carries a good selection of imported baby feeding utensils, breast pumps and corresponding parts, clothes, toys, bath and cleaning products and diapers. The baby furniture section on the top floor has cribs, cabinets, strollers, high chairs and car seats. The toys in the basement are reasonably priced and at times cheaper than Toys City, the main toy shop in Bogor.
Ground floor, Jl. Pajajarang No. 88, Ruko VIP, Bogor

 Baby House
A large baby shop that has an impressive array of baby gear, imported feeding utensils, crib bedding, toys and a good selection of reasonably priced baby/toddler clothes. The rubber mats for playrooms are the cheapest in town. You could find most things for your baby here.
Jalan Padjadjaran No.23 A-B (Sukasari), Bogor  | Tel. (0251) 353-703

Tiara Baby shop
Another baby shop that carries a good choice of baby feeding utensils, plus a lot of cheaper priced toys than those at Toy City. A fun, quirky clothes section, mostly for little girls, with some Korean styles and brands. A good place to buy birthday presents for small children.
Jl Sukasari I 5 B, Sukasari, Bogor

Toys City
The Bogor branch of Toy City stocks the usual brand name toys you’d expect, from Lego, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Japanese brand Tomy, Play Doh and many others. If you are looking for wooden toys and other creative type activities, you’ll need to go to Jakarta.

Botany Square Mall, next to the Giant Supermarket on the ground floor  |  Tel. (0251) 840-0631

Griya Pesta
A must-know address if you have children below the age of 10. Griya Pesta supplies party goods and can help you plan your event. You can rent tables and chairs, order balloons (from simple to elaborate arrangements), rent costumes, and hire party entertainment like face painting and cookie decorating. Prices are extremely reasonable. Gentle and soft-spoken owner, Ibu Chairani, speaks English and is the brains behind the craftsy party goods. Her husband is a photographer and is available to photograph events and assemble a souvenir photo album.

Jl. Pandu Raya No. 76, Indraprasta 2, Bogor | Tel. 0251 839-4708  | Cell 0816-1365-5370

Bakeries / Baking

Harvest bakery
Harvest comes to Bogor! This modern upscale pastry shop and gelateria is a consistent favorite in Jakarta. You can find all kinds of inventive and classic cakes, along with gelato and artisan chocolate. Delivery available upon request.

Jl. Padjajaran No. 234 A, Bogor | Tel 0251-835-5520

Michelle Bakery
An established Bogor bakery most known for its delicious strawberry chocolate cake (also available in vanilla upon request), breads and pastry assortment. Prices are very reasonable. Great for personalized birthday cakes. Browse the cake album for designs, or bring a photo of a design you’d like them to reproduce. Prices are reasonable and if ordered in advance, cakes can be delivered within Bogor, even on Sundays.

Jl. Raya Pajajarang No. 14, Bogor | Tel (0251) 831-0921

Yes, you read it right. Starbucks in Indonesia sells delicious pastries and cakes.  The red velvet cake is dreamy while the cheesecake is excellent. If planning for a special occasion, be sure to order in advance.

Ground floor, Botany Square Mall, Bogor | Tel 0251-840-0650
Open daily 7am to 10pm, till 11pm Fri and Sat

Holland Bakery
A local Indonesian bakery chain that caters to local tastes. Good for giveaways for birthdays. They make mini sheet cakes that can be personalized with names and designs.

Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 7 | Tel 0251-834-1126

Also known locally as Toko Kue. If baking is your thing, then head here. You’ll find an array of baking ingredients along with containers, trays, cake decorating accessories and baking tools to match your every need. Some items are stocked in the back so be sure to ask if what you’re looking for isn’t on the shelves. Almond meal, wholemeal and baking soda are carried here. Prices are slightly cheaper if you buy in bulk. If you’re on a budget and need an oven, you can find cheap stovetop ovens that you can set directly on your gas burner.

Pros: It’s a lot of fun to browse the aisles, even when you have to climb over sacks of flour and sugar in the way. If you make your own home cleaning products, you can buy baking soda (soda kue) in bulk (in general, it can be hard to find baking soda in Bogor and Jakarta).

Cons: Some of the items are suited to local tastes and the quality of certain ingredients (like baking chocolate) may not be at par with what you might be used to. Still worth a visit, though!

Jl. Gedung sawah 1 no.7, Bogor (located near the Royal Palace, behind Hotel Salak)

Services / Delivery

Home salon – Ibu Yuli is a walking beauty salon who comes straight to your home. She does full body waxing (including bikini area for ladies), mani/pedicures, facials, body treatments (like scrubs and massages) and even haircuts (if you simply can’t make it to a beauty salon). She is pleasant, efficient and reasonably priced. Call up to a day ahead to book appointments.

 Contact Ibu Yuli on her cell at 0818-135-887

Rella’s Kitchen – If you’re lazy to cook or throwing a party, Rella’s Kitchen delivers homemade dishes, desserts and bread straight to your home. She also delivers delicious fresh organic milk and yoghurt. Email Rella for her complete list of goodies at or SMS orders straight to Pak Tibi at 0878-6839-6031.

Organic vegetable delivery – Alex Korns is the American owner and founder of Vila Botani, a mountain retreat and truly organic farm. Order weekly, or have a standing order for weekly deliveries. Email Alex at for the complete list of vegetables and fruit available, then coordinate your weekly orders with Pak Diding at 0888-0901-5505.

Fresh premium beef – Ritta Albrecht sells Australian premium beef cuts, such as rib eye and tenderloin, and sausages from the same source that supplies high-end supermarkets in Jakarta like Ranch Market, for a fraction of the price. Minimum quantities are 1-2 kgs. Ritta also sells homemade goodies like strawberry jam, Italian bread, apple pie and egg-less chocolate muffins. Email or call/SMS 0815-1371-5855.

Organic rice – You can order organic rice from Samdhana, an NGO in Taman Kencana, that supports organic rice farmers, or from the organic rice vendor at the CIFOR cafeteria.