Vila Botani, Bogor

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Part mountain retreat, part organic farm and part botanical garden, Vila Botani is located on the slopes of Mt. Salak about 50 minutes from Bogor. The site has basic facilities for workshops and overnight stays, camping areas and waterfalls within the pine forest. Visitors can walk through the organic farm and pick fresh vegetables, or place orders to receive weekly deliveries of organic produce within the Bogor area.

The botanical garden is home to about 250 species of jungle trees, mostly local, and another 250 species of local bushes and small trees with medicinal properties. At recent count, there were 1800 jungle trees in the arboretum. The nature spot is frequented by about 40 species of birds, including the endangered Javanese Eagle, as well as many other fauna.

The botanical garden was founded by Alex Korns, an American living in Indonesia for the past 30 years, who helped out in spare time on a volunteer basis during 2007-13 by recording species names from the growing collections.

The rich flora supports rich fauna at Vila Botani. A comment from a 2016 visitor; “As conservation biolo­gists, we appreciate nature’s balance. During our recent stay at Vila Botani, we saw examples of this balance all around us- including a colony of bats that swooped in by night to make quick work of a swarm of winged termites on our terrace before leaving as stealthily as they came” (Jeanne McKay). in Indonesian and English
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