Martasya Yoga Shala, Bogor

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Enjoy your yoga practice with yoga power couple, Martin and Tasya, in the comfort of their home. Both are very competent teachers – Martin specializes in Ashtanga yoga, while Tasya brings the more meditative practice of Yin Yoga to the center. Send an SMS to Martin to receive weekly schedules of their many classes – Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha yoga.

Bogor Baru is close to Taman Kencana, on the other side of Jl Pajajarang, and about 10 minutes drive from Vila Duta.

Fee Rp 50,000 per class

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday: Yin Yoga 8 a.m.
Wednesday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga 8 a.m.
Thursday: Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga 6 p.m.
Saturday: Ashtanga Yoga 8 a.m.  /  Hatha Yoga 4 p.m.

Jl Bogor Baru, Blok B6 No. 5, Bogor 16152
Martin’s cell 0819 0835-0127  |


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