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The expat insider's guide to living it up in Bogor and Jakarta


Honey, wanna move to Indonesia?

Relocating can be overwhelming-even for the most seasoned of nomads. Our job is to help you decide whether this move is for you, and upon your arrival to either Bogor or Jakarta, to arm you with information that can help ease the transition. We cover questions big and small, and give real-life examples of folks who’ve gone through the move and lived to tell the tale.

Where to next, captain?

Looking for something to do over the next long weekend, or simply need to entertain your kids in Bogor or Jakarta? Don’t sweat, there’s lots to do once you know where to look. In our Leisure section we list outings and activities, for adults and kids alike. We count on growing the list over time so send us your own recommendations!

Wherever these feet shall take me…

What’s Up CIFOR is taking baby steps and we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to become a blog contributor, share your experiences, write about places you’ve visited or point out questions or answers we may have missed, we’re a mere hop, skip away! Email CIFOR HR at: CIFOR-HR@cgiar.org

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